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Burnt Grass Vineyards B&B

Thank you to all our 2022 guest. it was truly an amazing season with outstanding guests

Burnt Grass vineyards

in the heart of the Naramata wine country

Vacation or Retreat - the time is now!

 we are now booking for the 2023 season​  

May 1st through October 31, 2023.   

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Cancelation policy

 Our Cancellation policy is pretty simple. If something should come up (covid, medical emergency, travel restriction, family problems, etc..) just give us a call or drop us an e-mail and we will happily cancel your reservation. If in the last week before arriving and you have already paid you visit in full, we will happily refund your entire payment. No cancellation fees, no Service fees.

This crazy world we live in gives us all enough stress. Deb and I feel that your vacation should not be one of them. We care about our new family. 

Stay safe and healthy.


Max and Deb

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We are a proud partner of Little America Travel 

Little America is a travel agent based in the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom that puts together high quality, tailor made, personal tours of America and Canada, with a focus on nature and culture to provide an unforgettable experience.

Our Guest room

The Cab Franc Room

The spacious Cab Franc room comes fully loaded with the amenities travelers are looking for. In floor heating through out so you never get cold feet. A private entry with a large private patio overlooking the vineyards and Naramata country side. Large and comfy queen bed, Free internet ,TV with 200+ channels including Netflix and Prime video, computer desk for two with cell phone charger / USB ports , a bar fridge, wine glass, bottle opener, Keurig coffee maker with an assortment of coffee, teas, and hot chocolate. 

 The Cab Franc bath has a large walk-in shower, high end fixtures, and custom Italian  tile flooring 

Cab Franc Bathroom

The Cab Franc bath has a large walk-in shower, high end fixtures, and custom Italian tile flooring on top of in floor heating. no more cold feet

       A special thanks to our volunteers 

         We could not do it without you

Our Little America travel Friends

Our home crew

Experience the wine and grape together

Our grape stomping crew

Our first harvest at Burnt Grass Vineyards, September 12th 2021 We had a wonderful day with great friends. Ilona and Melanie from Little America Travel helped with the picking. We even stomped the grapes the old fashioned way of wine making.

The harvest brunch was prepared by Deb and was amazing. Home made hearty soups, petite sandwiches, fresh fruit and of course wine. we even set up a tasting of wines and the grapes they came from. you sampled a grape then tasted the wine of the same variety. 

Why “Burnt Grass” vineyards?

Why such an unusual name? It all started way back in 2017. Deb and I were looking for a log home as a summer house for our retirement. We searched high and low through out the Naramata and Skaha Lake area, but nothing called to us. One weekend we were with a realtor and had exhausted all the Log home listing when the realtor suggested we look at a piece of land. Deb and I really were not into building but said “what the heck, maybe the universe has something different in mind for us.”

We stopped at the base of the lot to take a peek. We decided to climb to the top of the lot to check out the view. Deb had gone ahead of me up the weed infested hill. As I made my way up the hill, I looked up, Deb had stopped climbing and was looking back at me. I looked into Debs eyes and knew at that instant that we were building. Deb smiled and said, “I am so sorry love; we are going to build”. We both fell instantly in love with the property. The lot was purchased that day. A few weeks later we retuned to the Okanagan to visit the lot and remind our selves what we had done. While at the lot a construction worker approached us and asked if we knew who owned this property. With a big smile Deb replied, “I do as of today”. The construction worker went on to say that he and his crew were installing new water mains for the city and could he use the lot to store the pipes as there was no other place close by where they could store them. Deb agreed since we knew it would be a few months before we were ready to break ground.

A few weeks go by when Deb gets a call from the construction company “I am so sorry miss Burkhardt, but the lot caught fire. The fire is out but much of the lot is burned”. Apparently one of the water main workers was welding a pipe (why on earth you would weld a pipe on a lot full of dry grass evades me) the hillside caught fire and spread rapidly. Since the fire main had been turned off to be replaced there was no water to put the fire out. Our lovely new neighbours had rushed over with the garden hoses in hand to help, luckily the residential water was still on. Thanks to the quick thinking of the construction supervisor who ran up the hill and grabbed a near bye excavator, he was able to make a trench around the fire and contain it from growing. By then the fire truck arrived and used what water they carried in the truck to finish off the smoldering remains. When we returned a few days later sure enough about half the lot had burned. Now when we meet new people in the neighborhood all we have to say is “We own the lot that caught fire” and everyone knows exactly where we live 

​So, their you have it, how “Burnt Grass vineyards” came to be. ​

Our logo

We enlisted the help for from our daughter and granddaughter who came up with what we think is the perfect Logo--The Phoenix, a mythical creature who rises from the ashes and builds a new future. We loved the idea and the way they shaped the Phoenix into a wine glass.

 A glass of wine, a star lite night, and new friends by the campfire make for a perfect night. 

(weather permitting) 

 Sit back and enjoy the view of our universe as the stars come out. The remoteness of Naramata  and Burnt Grass Vineyards gives you a ​spectacular night sky. 

 What better way to close out a day than a nice glass of wine, a warm crackling fire, conversing with your new friends, and learn about the great Okanagan valley. 

 Many new experiences are just waiting to be explored 

Explore The Kettle Valley Railway Trail by Bicycle

Should you desire your Burnt Grass Vineyards hosts will transport you and your bikes up to Chute lake where your journey begins.

let gravity take you on a two hour cruise though the beautiful hills and vistas on the old Kettle Valley Railroad. during your ride you will pass through one of the original tunnels dug in 1885. You can still see the blackened rocks from the steam engines boiler. From Little Tunnel, as its called, you get a breathtaking view of the valley and pristine Okanagan lake

you simply glide all the way back to the vineyard

(Bike rentals are available for those who need them)  

Enjoy the view and your favorite beverage overlooking the lake

Smokin in the Okanagan

Coho Salmon, Pork, and Beef Brisket slow smoked to perfection

How to get the Perfect Vacation

Make a reservation in the heart of Naramata's Wine Country.

Burn't Grass Vineyards 

Start your Vacation off right. We are located on Haymen Road just north of Kettle Valley Winery 

Enjoy the lake breezes and fresh mountain air in a working vineyard

 Check out the many attractions the Okanagan Valley has to offer

The Kettle Valley Railroad-The original KVR steam engine takes you for an old fashion train ride through vineyards and scenic mountain passes. watch out for train robbers 

  Coyote Cruises

Float down the Lake Okanagan Channel between Ocanagan Lake and Skaha lake .  Get in a splash fight with your neighbor as you float for over 4 hours. Then climb aboard the bus for the ride back to your car.

( tube rentals and bus tickets are available at cayote cruises   )

Little Tunnel on the KVR Downhill 

Enjoy a calm ride down the Kettle Valley Railroad Trail. Pass through little tunnel like the old KVR steam train did many years ago. Check out the old Rock ovens the rail road workers used when building the railroad.

Ask your host about the Burnt Grass vineyard KVR downhill bike cruise. 

Get dropped off by your host up at chute lake and enjoy the 2 hour downhill ride all the way back to your room with little or no pedaling 


 The Campfire at Burnt Grass vineyards

Sit around the Campfire with a glass of wine  or your favorite beverage. The dark skies open up to a star field that is truly amazing. ​

(Weather permitting)


Enjoy the view from your private patio 

Your private patio over looks our vineyard and country side, A perfect place to Have glass of wine.

Then after dark sit back and watch the stars fall and the lights of the hidden homes sparkle to life on the hillsides


 Naramata Falls

Naramata Falls is just a short hike away from Burnt Grass Vineyards. bring a sack lunch and a towel to cool off during on a warm summer's day 

E-Bike tours

​​Looking to explore the Okanagan by Bike, Let the gang at Ok E-bike Safaris take you on an amazing adventure